a subsidiary of Advanced Data Systems of Michigan


Advanced Data Systems of Michigan or A.D.S.M., Inc. delivers PeopleSoft, Oracle, TGMAKS, Reporting and managed consulting/services to clients locally and globally. Powered with PeopleSoft, Oracle and Report Designing consultants. A.D.S.M., Inc has delivered services to Automotive, Health Care, Government and Educational clients since inception in 1988. A.D.S.M., Inc has had a long-term and strategic relation with I.B.M., PeopleSoft, Oracle and Crystal Reporting Services Partners. A.D.S.M.ís consulting services specialize in delivering value-added solutions using innovative techniques and tools to enhance the total ownership experience of our customerís application. A.D.S.M. also offers advanced application management, hardware analysis and implementation and lab-based services to allow clients a secure, predictable and cost effective method to manage their information assets.




Anyone can say they are committed to providing clients with service and value. So, what makes A.D.S.M. Inc. different? The A.D.S.M. difference is based in the core values of our company. We didn't write these to fill space on our employee handbook or place this on our marketing brochure, but rather to remind us of the higher standard to which we hold ourselves. At A.D.S.M., our staff is focused on providing unmatched service to our clients.


Please call us at (904) 566-1280 or (850) 212-2588. You may email us at cubic_inc@cubic-usa.com





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